Diu (2 nights)

Detailed Itinerary

Day-1 Arrival at Bhavnagar. Travel to Diu. Evening beach visit.

Arrival at Bhavnagar. Travel to Diu (225 kms - 4.5 hours). Diu, an erstwhile Portuguese Colony and now a popular beach getaway. Evening visit to the Nagoa beach.

Day-2 Sightseeing and activities around Diu

Sightseeing around Diu includes Nagoa Beach, St. Pauls Church, Diu Museum, Diu Fort. Watersports include Para Sailing, water skiing, water scooter, Family boat and speedboats are on offer at Ahmadpur Mandvi beach.

Day-3 Departure

Travel back to Bhavnagar (225 kms) and depart for onward journey.

Detailed Sightseeing Diu: -

Diu Museum

St. Thomas Church was converted into Diu museum. Diu Museum houses wooden carvings, statues, idols, shadow clocks and other important arti facts collected from various sites.

St Pauls Church

The St. Paul's Church is most renowned, surviving and functioning church, among the three churches built by the Portuguese in Diu. It is considered one of the best examples of baroque architecture (artistic style) in India. The St. Paul's Church is a popular site to visit for tourists to Diu.

Diu Fort

Diu Fort is a very large and imposing structure, situated on the coast of the island. This fort was constructed between 1535 and 1541 AD. The fort is surrounded by the sea on the three sides and a canal on the fourth side. The fort offers a magnificent view of sea. On the fort stands a giant structure which now houses a Light House and the Diu jail. The beam from the lighthouse reaches to about 32 kms. Several canons are still located on the top of the fort and peep out of the holes on the walls of this gigantic structure.

Nagoa Beach at Diu

Nagoa beach is a promenade and a popular beach front in Diu at a few kms from Airport and main jetty / town centre area. Evening would be best time to visit the beach for a walk.

Ahmadpur Mandvi Beach

Ahmadpur Mandvi is a 6 km stretch of beach in outskirts of Diu. Ahmedpur Mandvi is one of Gujarats finest beaches. The beach offers many water sport adventures and opportunities for dolphin sightings. Water sports include Para Sailing, water skiing, water scooter, Family boat and speedboats Ahmadpur Mandvi is a popular option for guests looking for a bit of activities arriving at Diu.

Destination Overview


Bhavnagar is a prominent town in Saurashtra and access point for the nearby Alang Shipyard (55 kms) and Palitana Jain temples (60 kms).


Diu is visited for its secluded and peaceful beaches and a popular weekend getaway ex-Ahmadabad (400 km) or Bhavnagar (225 km) or Rajkot (300 km) .

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